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Q:  If I want to make a pledge with cash or a check, where do I take my gift?

A:  Submit your gift to your assigned solicitor. If you complete your pledge online, your assigned solicitor will be listed on the confirmation page.


Q:  Can I still make a pledge if my agency is not listed online?

A:  Yes. Visit and provide us the required information listed by contacting us at or 974-3061.


Q:  I pledged to the wrong agency or entered the wrong amount. Can I still make a correction?

A:  Yes. Please contact us at or 974-3061.


Q:  How much do I have to give to be eligible for the United Way Leader program?

A:  United Way requires a minimum gift of $1,200 toward any of their member agencies.


Q:  Does the university retain any of my gift amount?

A: No. The UT Campus Chest program ensures that 100 percent of your gift is sent to the agency or agencies you designate.


Q:  If I don’t have convenient access to a computer, can I still pledge?

A:  Absolutely. As with previous campaigns, we have pledge cards available. Complete your pledge card and submit it to your assigned solicitor.


Q:  What if I don’t know who the solicitor is for my division or college?

A:  Easy. Just visit our website at and your designated solicitor will be listed.


Q:  Are payroll deductions taken before or after taxes?

A:  Campus Chest payroll deductions are taken after taxes have been withheld from wages. Because the charitable donations come out of after-tax earnings you can deduct the total amount of the contributions from your payroll checks during the year if you choose to itemize.


Q:  I selected the “I do not wish to pledge” option by mistake. Can I still make a pledge?

A: Yes. Please contact us at or 974-3061.


Q:  I’m a retiree. Can I still make a pledge?

A: Yes. Complete a Campus Chest pledge card. Please indicate the agency or agencies to which you wish to contribute, the amount of your gift, and how you wish to participate (by either check payable to UT Campus Chest or direct billing) and return the pledge card to the address listed below. Please be sure to include your name and address on the pledge card. We will see that your gift is properly accounted for and directed to the appropriate agency.

Return Mailing Address:

c/o Finance & Administration
405B Andy Holt Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0145

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